Breast Cancer

by Erin
(Goodyear AZ)

Hi Misty,

My sister was just diagnosed with Stage 0 Breast Cancer and is going in for a lumpectomy, she will possibly need radiation as well. I have asked her to get her Vitamin D levels tested to see if she needs supplementation. I also told her about avoiding Fructose after reading the recent article about Fructose and cancer.

Is there any other advice you would recommend for someone in her situation? Foods to avoid or supplementation that would be helpful?

I love your website and find so much great information daily on your Facebook page.

Thank you so much!

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Aug 10, 2010
Free Healthy Diet Plans
by: Anonymous


Thank you for your question and your inspirational words about the information I provide. It is very important to get accurate information out there in such a confusing time in health, nutrition and disease.

I have lots of recommendations for your sister. First and foremost, do not hesitate to pick up Suzanne Somers book "knockout". She really is a valuable resource for cancer.

Cancer does not have to be as scary as it is. I've been following some cancer experts recently and from what I hear, chemotherapy is really only effective on 3 cancers:

  • Testicular

  • Lymphomas

  • Childhood Leukemias

There was a study recently that showed more than 18,000 women per year under go unnecessary chemo for breast cancer.

Something I too have been told is that we as a society are so fearful of cancer and we make these snap decisions based on what an oncologist says to under go treatment. Conversely, cancer can be a slow growing disease that really does allow us some time to try to treat it naturally.

That being said, I will recommend to you another great book "Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients" by Russell Blaylock a highly respected physician.

What I do know about cancer Erin is its ability to hyper metabolize glucose. As you stated, the new fructose study did just come out but we've known for many years now that cancers fuel source is sugar in all forms.

An organic, grass fed, wild caught, pastured diet is best for your sister. Loads of greens, lots of color, mushrooms, onions and garlic (the onions and garlic help to build glutathione, our major antioxidant) No dairy as the lactose is a sugar.

Coconut Oil would be a superior addition as it has shown to have anti-carcinogenic effects.

Lim-Sylianco (1987) has reviewed 50 years of literature showing anticarcinogenic effects from dietary coconut oil. These animal studies show quite clearly the nonpromotional effect of feeding coconut oil.

In a study by Reddy et al (1984) straight coconut oil was more inhibitory than MCT oil to induction of colon tumors by azoxymethane. Chemically induced adenocarcinomas differed 10-fold between corn oil (32%) and coconut oil (3%) in the colon. Both olive oil and coconut oil developed the low levels (3%) of the adenocarcinomas in the colon, but in the small intestine animals fed coconut oil did not develop any tumors while 7% of animals fed olive oil did.

Studies by Cohen et al (1986) showed that the nonpromotional effects of coconut oil were also seen in chemically induced breast cancer. In this model, the slight elevation of serum cholesterol in the animals fed coconut oil was protective as the animals fed the more polyunsaturated oil had reduced serum cholesterol and more tumors. The authors noted that " overall inverse trend was observed between total serum lipids and tumor incidence for the 4 [high fat] groups."

(to be continued)

Aug 10, 2010
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by: Misty

(continued from previous as I have a character limit)

Erin, elevating your sister's immune system is uber important.

High doses of Vitamin D3
Maitake Mushrooms these polysaccharides are showing great benefit for anti-cancer
Proteolytic Enzymes
Vitamin C
Curcumin (Turmeric is anti-tumor)
Essiac Tea
Whey Protein
Omega 3 fatty acids

Do research all of these recommendations because we don't want any contraindications

We all have the ability to have mutated cells that are cancer cells. The immune system is in charge of isolating and destroying these. Our immune systems are so compromised that the cancer wins.

I wish you and your sister well1 Thank you for your question and as always,
In good health

Aug 10, 2010
Free Healthy Diet Plans
by: Misty

I had a glitch with characters so for my answers to Erin, please scroll down and read last to first for this post to come together correctly.
Thank you

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