Blue Cheese Salad Dressing

by Colette
(Fremont MI USA)

This is like the best salad dressing I have ever eaten. It is much tastier than store bought ones.

Misty, what is the normal serving size on this? I have been using 1tbs. This dressing would be good to use on steak or chicken and even in your deviled eggs.

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Sep 18, 2010
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by: Misty

Hi Colette!
I'm so glad you enjoy the Blue Cheese dressing. We enjoy it here as well.

My favorite actually is butter lettuce, chopped walnuts, a couple of Tbs. of Pomegranate seeds, blue cheese crumbles and a few Tbs. of my blue cheese dressing.

I use up to about 3 tbs. I'm not a counter at all and while I have eliminated food groups from my life, (ie: all grains) this has allowed me to consume the foods I really enjoy in amounts satisfactory to MY taste buds. In other words, I am not affected by fat in the absence of grain carbos.

If you're interested in tracking macronutrients, you might utilize a food journal program.

I generally only recommend food journaling if you feel like you need to be accountable to your choices or you are interested in garnering an estimate of your micronutrient intake. (ie: vitamins and minerals)

As Always,
In Good Health

I hope I've answered your question clearly.

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