Benefits of Flax Seed


Just the Flax!

The benefits of flax seed lie in the beneficial oils of this little super seed. Flax seed is one of the original medicines used by Hippocrates.

While flax is a nice source of omega 3's, flax oil is a good source of omega 6, or linoleic acid (LA). Flax oil is 45 to 60 percent the omega-3 fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). While this powerful seed carries omega 3 fatty acids, this particular form of omega 3, ALA must be converted in the liver to elongated EPA, DPA and DHA. This does not happen as easily nor efficiently as fish oils. I always advise my clients to consume some sort of high quality, cold water fish or fish oils from norwegian waters for maximum benefit.

Their color ranges from very light golden, deep amber to reddish brown depending upon whether the flax is of the golden or brown variety. While whole flaxseeds can be chewed, the nutrients in ground flax seeds are more easily absorbed.

The health benefits of flax seed include:

  • Anti-Inflammatory Benefits
  • Omega-3-rich Flaxseeds Protect Bone Health
  • Help Control High Blood Pressure
  • Helps to Lower Cholesterol
  • Contributes to a Healthy Prostate
  • Healing to a damaged gut
  • High in Fiber and Fat for Healthy Bowels
  • Promotes Healthy Skin

Since the oils in flax are so delicate, I don't advise flax oil capsules nor do I promote purchasing your flax pre-ground. A rancid oil is the most dangerous oil and flax is at the top of the list.

The oil remains contained within the seed and should be ground fresh daily. You can use a coffee grinder with great ease. I also don't advise you consume them whole as it is nearly impossible to chew the seeds well enough to extract the beneficial oils. I prefer organic Flax Seeds in my diet and add them to my Breakfast Smoothie daily.

Beneficial uses of your Ground Flax Seed include:

  • Stir into yogurt with your Chia Seed
  • Add to Oatmeal
  • Flax Muffins
  • Easy add to Smoothies
  • Nutty addition to your Green Salads
  • Stir into Soups
  • You can even stir it into a Glass of Water and drink

The benefit of flax seeds are not only a food but a medicine as well.

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