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Are you losing sleep because your infant is suffering baby reflux or colic? This has been a common trend in my practice. Babies are fed and very shortly there after, the projectile vomiting begins.

A breast feeding Mother generally has fewer problems with baby reflux. Where this changes is the C-Section baby. A newborn baby exits the uterus as a sterile organic being. A vaginal birth allows the baby to literally pick up bacteria while traveling through the birth canal exposing that infant to a myriad of bacteria. This is the beginning of what we refer to as building gut flora.

Without proper gut flora, digestion is disrupted. Many pediatricians are referring to this as Baby GERD or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease. The prescription for this is generally in the form of antacids or acid blockers. This does not get to the source of your problem it only manages symptoms which puts the body into an inflammatory stressed state. Our babies need correct balance not antacids!

If your baby is bottle fed, do some research on the infant formula you are using. Vegetable Oils and soy are the primary ingredients in many formulas and these are dangerous foreign foods for your baby. Carol Simontacci, author of The Crazy Makers: How the Food Industry Is Destroying Our Brains and Harming Our Children puts breast feeding into perspective like this "Whey formulas are derived from a product that was meant to grow a large dumb animal, not the brain of a growing human". While raw milk can provide a near perfect amino acid profile as well, antibody profile, it does not contribute to a healthy infant brain like that of breast milk. It's such a short period of time, don't deprive your baby of natures perfect food.

So, what is the alternative? Your best first step is to supplement your baby with infant probiotics. The bacteria in probiotics are not the sort that cause infections and are harmful to us. Rather, these are beneficial bacteria. These bacteria aid the gut flora in doing its job. They help with digestion. They help to absorb minerals and other sorts of nutrients. They help to synthesize vitamins. They even help to provide something of a barrier against harmful substances.

This will assist in clearing baby eczema, also an imbalance of bacteria.

A brand I have recommended successfully is Jarro Brand Baby Dophilus.

GERD in the vaginal delivered breast fed baby is much less prominent.

Of course, if symptoms of baby reflux or colic continue and/or worsen, call your pediatrician immediately.

A study conducted by the National Institutes of Health in 2009, found a direct correlation between the symptoms of colic and fewer strains of microflora in their intestines.

Likewise, a 2007 study by Italian researchers examined 83 colicky, breast-fed babies.

Over a 28-day period, some infants were given simethicone to reduce gas, while the others were given a supplement containing L. reuteri, a beneficial bacteria often found in yogurt. At the end of the study, the babies who got the probiotic cried an average of only 51 minutes a day, compared with 2 ½ hours for the other babies in the group.

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