An inexpensive brand of Colloidal Silver?

by Terri

Hi Misty!

I'd really like to give this a try for my cellulitus which does not seem to be responding to any antibiotics. They've tried keflex and now Bactrim and nothing seems to be budging it. :(

I did a search myself and everything I saw was terribly expensive.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

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Nov 11, 2010
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by: Misty

Hi Terri

I'm so sorry you're suffering Cellulitis. For other readers, Cellulitis is a bacterial skin infection under the skin that in many instances requires a broad spectrum antibiotic.

Colloidal Silver as recommended as the most effective and natural antibiotic I have ever used. It is extremely minute-sized silver particles suspended in water, with a positive electrical charge. The smaller the silver particles, the more effective it has been proven to be. The best colloidal silver is produced at the molecular level. Silver is used in burn units throughtout the world and I have personally used it to assist in the healing of wounds, strep throat, abscess on a cat etc. Using a high quality product at recommended doses is quite safe.

Terri, that being stated, the least expensive silver on the market currently is about $20 for 8 oz.

The very least expensive way to obtain silver would be to make it yourself either by purchasing a colloidal silver generator or making your own A/C generator while utilizing silver ingots.

While silver is an expensive product, it's always the best first choice and for many, the best last choice. In other words, I hear many state "I wish I had heard of this before all of these rounds of antibiotics".

My second suggestion for you Terri is to work in optimizing your immune system to assist your body in fighting it.

Reishi Mushrooms
3 tbs. coconut oil daily
Tap your Thymus several times. This stimulates killer T-Cells (between the breast bone)
A high quality probiotic to re-establish the bacteria the antibiotic has erradicated.

Please keep me posted Terri and as always,
In good health

And of course practicing the nutrient dense dietary advice here on the site.

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