Advice for those with "less to lose"?

by Mom of 2


I have followed your posts on Low Carb Friends and just discovered your website. It is awesome and I'm quickly becoming a fan.

I would love your advice on where I should start. I have been roughly following the Atkins Induction since the beginning of the year and have lost 6 pounds. I am currently 138 pounds at 5'6" and wear a size 6. My goal is to get my BMI back under 20 and my goal weight is 120. I was there about 6 years ago and thought I looked great at a solid size 2. You may ask, "how did you get there last time?". Well, I was 14 weeks pregnant with my son and suffering with extreme stomach issues. In other words, borderline malnutrition, which is not an option!

It sounds like you have seen many dieters over the years and I'd love to hear your advice to those of us who want to go from average to thin.

Thanks in advance for your time!


Thanks again for your time. My last qustion was so specific to me, and I don't think that is what this Q&A board was intended for. So, I'll try to ask a more generic version:

For someone with great bloodwork numbers and no known conditions, advice is needed to drop twenty or so pounds and get back down to a prior size. (Basically trying to lose body fat yet nourish the lean body mass) Would you start them out at Level 1 Restrictive or Liberal? When do you transition to Level 2?

I truly appreciate your advice!

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Jan 19, 2011
Free Healthy Diet Plans
by: Misty

Hi Mom of 2!

Thank you for posting and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your compliment! It is my goal to get as much information out in the public as I can.

I posted both of your comments though and I hope you don't mind. First, let me say that "specific to you" is "specific to someone else" generally speaking so it's all ok! Someone will benefit from your posts!

When we are closer to our goal weights and working hard to lean out, this is a crucial time to evaluate your food. One must be even more diligent about dieting than ever before. You may need to find a specific macro equation that budges through those stubborn fat stores.

We are all individual with our energy output vs. input needs as well.

That being said, I would practice the Phase I restricted, be sure to allow 3 hours between dinner and sleep, consume your food in the King/Prince/Pauper fashion which means heavy breakfast, medium lunch and light dinner and incorporate some diligent lifting and HIIT cardio. (High Intensity Interval Training)

It's not unusual especially during winter for the body to hold on to those additional few pounds of fat for protective reasons.

You might also practice a carb cycling program as well if you begin a heavy duty work out regimen.

It's going to be all about your biochemical individuality but this gives you something to start with.

This isn't a popular answer either but after children, sometimes we have to evaluate our goal weights if we're not willing to put in what might be a great deal of work to get to and maintain that very lean size. Will you be able to maintain what you work so hard for?

Some things for you to ponder!

Let me know your thoughts

In Good Health

Jan 20, 2011
Thanks for the fast response!
by: Mom of 2


I appreciate your fast response and wise words. Your term "leaning out" totally describes my goal!

I have "played around" with healthy eating and fitness in the past. But I never stuck to it very long. Now the combination of swimsuit season comming, lots of tight clothes, worsening cellulite, even a "muffin top" have really increased my commitment level!

In the next 10 days, I will follow your 4 tips and then update you (and your fans) on my status. Those include:
1) Phase I restricted (I will miss Cheese and yogurt!)
2) 3 hours between dinner and sleep (not too hard for me)
3) heavy breakfast, medium lunch and light dinnerĀ (this is a big one, I usually do the opposite)
4) incorporate some diligent lifting and HIIT cardio (been doing Jillian's 30-day Shred daily and will get back to my c25k running program 3x/week).

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