Adventists and soy

I have a question. I am an Adventist (NOT vegetarian as a lot of them are) and I noticed they eat "analog" imitation meats. There is fake hamburger, hot dogs, etc. Adventists are a pretty healthy group of people that have been studied for years. (along with Mormons as well).

Why? they might not be eating as much of the soy I guess...just kinda wondering about this...thank you for clearing this up for me if you can.

Answer: Adventist's and Soy

Hi Chris and thank you so very much for stopping by! In the following paragraph taken from the Weston A Price foundation, you will see reference to the actual incidence of cancers for the SDA population.

"The claim that vegetarians have lower rates of cancer compared to non-vegetarians has been squarely contradicted by a 1994 study comparing vegetarians with the general population.14 Researchers found that although vegetarian Seventh Day Adventists have the same or slightly lower cancer rates for some sites, for example 91 percent instead of 100 percent for breast cancer, the rates for numerous other cancers are much higher than the general US population standard, especially cancers of the reproductive tract. SDA females had more Hodgkins disease (131 percent), more brain cancer (118 percent), more malignant melanoma (171 percent), more uterine cancer (191 percent), more cervical cancer (180 percent) and more ovarian cancer (129 percent) on average."

It's interesting as well Chris, in my research for your specific question, it seems more research is being conducted in a cohort study as of January 2010. I would imagine this was prompted by the press "The Whole Soy Story" by Kaayla Daniel has received recently.

I admire a religion that teaches and values the human body as a temple. I just wish said religions had the information needed to make this decision with absolute conviction.

Unfortunately, like most of us, SDA and other religions have been misguided by studies providing result with special interest.

An organized religious group that is truly the healthiest are the Amish.

Again, I thank you for stopping by and asking questions.

Our greatest wealth is our good health

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