Acidic Body ?

by Charles

Hello Misty and community. My Mother is 70 years old. For the past many years she has had a badly burning stomach and in the past couple it has caused her to burn in her throat as well.

Doctors have given one opinion after the other from high stomach acid, acid reflux, little flap at the base of esophogus not closing properly!

Nothing they have done ( which has only been to prescribe medicine) has done any good.

I have read several seemingly contradictory articles on the internet about these things.

Do you have any thoughts, recommendations, etc. about this?

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Jun 24, 2011
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by: Misty

Hello Charles~

I'm sorry to hear that your Mother has been suffering so! Acid reflux can be very painful and eventually, cause damaged esophageal cells.

In my experience Charles, cutting out all gluten products can show marked improvement.

I'll use the example of my Father. He suffers from acid reflux as well, a hiatial hernia. When I spoke to him this morning, he had a bout of acid last night. He thought it might be the lime that was in his guacamole. However, he had guacamole the night before with no ill effects. When I quizzed him about the rest of his dinner, sure enough, he had a flour tortilla last night.

A couple of recommendations I have are as follows:

1. Reduce to eliminate the gluten most particularly her evening meal. (I think she should eliminate it all together but this isn't always easy)

2. Supplementing with a digestive enzyme with each meal is a great idea especially for those who are aging. We lose the ability to make sufficient enzymes as we age so supplementing is frequently helpful.

Unfortunately, the only answer from a medical stand point is antacids and this is just making the issue worse. I generally recommend NOW Brand digestive enzymes and about 2 per meal should suffice. She can work up to a "warm feeling" in the stomach and at that point back down 1 pill until comfortable then she knows she has her appropriate dose.

I hope this all makes sense but most importantly, I do hope she feels better soon!

Don't hesitate to ask should you have further questions Charles.

In good health

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