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A New Year, A New You
December 31, 2012

Nutrition News You Can Use

This is it!

Another year has once again breezed by us. For my family, it has been a whirlwind. We purchased 40 acres on top of a 3000ft mountain and welcomed 2 grandbabies. I am trying to finish school, work full time and of course work on my website which is in desperate need of attention. The most exciting news to report is that I have finally decided to produce a podcast! I have teamed up with my dear friend Tffany of Deliciously Thin and we plan to begin in the next week or two. This is going to be a fun show that will provide you with the tools for a successful dietary transition as well as address the struggles that so many face when embarking on their weight loss journey.

Did you meet your goals?

How was your year? Did you achieve the goals you set? Are you making choices based on nourishing yourself rather than stimulating the taste buds and giving in to cravings? If this note finds you depressed and feeling less than successful, don’t beat yourself up! Begin making changes now and set your goals one at a time.

Begin by adding healthful foods and eliminating one bad habit at a time. If you're all or nothing, begin with your pantry clean out. Something I have learned with consulting as a nutrition educator, not everyone is in the same place nor mind set.

There are a lot of “superior” people in our cyber world and it’s difficult to feel like a shining star amongst some of these superior beings. (That’s tongue in cheek of course) Remember, it’s the internet, not your real life. No one walks in your shoes!

In your real life, people make mistakes, get into situations where availability is limited, many have hormonal and neurotransmitter imbalances that can frequently make dieting feel like an insurmountable dream and others have family situations that make incorporating a new healthy lifestyle feel like pulling teeth…..or should I say molars!

You need healthy food to live a disease free life. It’s that simple. Of course the answer is simple, but practical application can be daunting when others in the household are resistant to change.

Begin slowly incorporating healthier options into your meal plans. I find the easiest and most successful way to do this is through a good old fashioned vegetable soup. If you’ve followed me or any other real food advocate who espouses the Weston Price Foundation, you know that bone broth is one of the most important foods you can offer your family.

I lecture frequently and one of my go to lines is “We as Americans are one of the only cultures who do not serve a soup each and every day. Consequently, we are one of the sickest in the world. We can take a look at some of our neighbors in third world countries and see very little degenerative disease.” Serve your family a small cup of soup with each meal.

I find that a nice cream of vegetable puree soup can appeal to most. A warm, sweet flavored soup is sure to win over even the pickiest of eaters. Just be sure to utilize the healthiest base and that's a good old fashioned bone broth. Boxed varieties are fine to begin with but if you want to truly nourish your family, this bone broth recipe has the qualities you're looking for.

Thank You!

I would like to thank you for following my website, Facebook page and Twitter this last year. I plan to specialize in digestion once finished with my schooling due to the need for a holistic approach to digestive healing. I am seeing far too many Men, Women and Children suffer due to a lack of care through Gastroenterologist’s and M.D.’s. So much begins and ends in the gut and these professionals are missing the diagnosis. Many are just prescribing antacids only to make the problem worse. You need acid in the gut to not only break down your food but convert vitamins, minerals, enzymes, hormones and amino acids for proper assimilation.

This has become a great interest of mine based on my own digestive struggles this past year. It began with a nagging ache in my left side, ridges in my fingernails and what seemed to be expedited aging in my skin. I felt like I was aging rapidly and it really scared the heck out of me!

A blood test revealed an astoundingly high C-Reactive Protein (measurement of inflammation) and through a stool sample it has been determined that not only do I have parasites but I have no bifida bacteria. Was this information a surprise for me to hear? The parasites were a bit of a surprise, but the lack of bifida bacterium was a total slap for me. I have been eating a nice clean diet incorporating probiotics for 14 years this February but thinking back to my childhood and young adult years, I had a great deal of gastritis that was due to many rounds of antibiotics and virtually no probiotic foods.

I’m pretty sure I have been suffering a leaky gut for many years but didn’t quite notice the effects until the parasites pretty much ravaged what I had left. Since one of the determining factors for colon cancer is lack of bacteria, this scared the heck out of me! I won’t go into my healing protocol here but suffice it to say that I have been diligently working on healing my gut. I believe I am suffering a leaky gut. I will now be responsible for my own testing through school and I must say that while this is a rigorous and sometimes daunting task of dietary diligence, what better way to learn than to suffer the common diagnosis myself?

I think the lesson here is this. No matter how clean your diet whether it be Paleo, Low Carb, Low Fat or Vegetarian, sometimes therapeutic intervention is needed. I am that classic case.

If you’ve never heard of leaky gut, it is a condition where the tight junctions of the gut lining become permeable allowing undigested food particles into the bloodstream. This causes not only a great deal of inflammation but increases ones chance of suffering an auto-immune disease. I won’t bore you with the details but now you understand why my niche will be digestion.

Stay tuned for another website based solely on digestion and the podcast I mentioned above soon!

With the close of this year, I want to wish everyone a healthy, happy 2013.

Remember, Eat Well Feel Well

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Thank you for supporting me. I look forward to a healthier 2013 for everyone!

As Always,

In good health!


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