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Hello Spring! Here on the west coast, spring for us was a deluge of rain. Just today, we saw the sun for the first time in more than a week. Sunny California, hmpf!

I am very much affected by weather and let me tell you, this has put a real dent in my mood. Fortunately for me, I own my own tanning bed. I know, you're picturing Aunt Magda from the flick "There's Something About Mary" with her wrinkled lips, dark face and bone dry skin but have no fear, I don't bake, I just "absorb" for the purpose of Vitamin D production and sanity. I also supplement. Are you supplementing yet? If not, did you know that 40% of the cancers today might be wiped out with proper Vitamin D serum levels?

I satisfied myself to the safety of infrequent tanning bed use through various sites that claim UVB rays are the safest and for short periods of time without suffering a burn is safe. You may or may not agree but again, satisfying ones self is the most important step in self advocacy.

Have you kept your 2011 resolution to lose weight and improve health?

I've been talking to a few folks who are having a tough time sticking to their resolutions. In fact, one woman told me she felt like a failure and broke down in tears. We'll call her Susan for the purpose of anonymity.

Susan found free-healthy-diet-plans on January 3rd of this year. She began full force and was not going to look back. At 248 lbs., Susan was suffering blood sugar disregulation, aches & pains, (especially in her knees) mood swings, exhaustion and just plain tired of being sick and tired.

When I spoke to Susan just 3 weeks ago, she was going through the guilt of falling off of yet another diet plan only to regain the 20lbs. she had so successfully lost. When I asked Susan what was the determining factor in her falling off the diet, she proceeded to tell me that she became tired of planning, shopping and cooking. Hmmmm I thought, does Susan understand that she must plan, shop and cook no matter the plan she follows? Ok, I can take this one I thought to myself.

Me: Susan, were you cooking prior to transitioning to a healthier diet?

Susan: Well not as much! It's easy to open a box of cereal in the morning and put a Lean Cuisine in the microwave at work.

Me: What about dinner Susan? What do you eat at dinner?

Susan I usually make some sort of meat and vegetable dish or I run through a drive thru on the way home. Sometimes I even order a salad at McDonalds.

BINGO-Susan still has food issues she's not yet resolved and her laziness in the kitchen does not quite surpass mine so I left Susan no wiggle room.

If you can pour a bowl of cereal in the morning and take time to eat it, you can grab a greek yogurt, chop some nuts and throw blueberries on top. The Lean Cuisine? Never will a frozen dinner thrown in the microwave ever be healthy no matter how you open the box! The microwave degrades proteins and I'm here to tell you, those are some of the most disgusting foods on the market. Artificial flavors, factory farmed animal proteins and a high amount of oxidized vegetable oils.

Planning is key. If you don't plan now with your food choices, you most certainly fail to plan for a long healthy life free of disease. I don't waiver on this when someone speaks directly with me. We don't leave the house without the cell phone charged, the car gets gas, why in the world would you leave without proper fuel for your most important asset?

I also asked Susan how her blood sugar, aches, pains and lethargy were affected by this derailment and she proceeded to tell me "I don't feel good again....I felt so good while on plan but I just can't get back on but now I truly feel like garbage"

I've had a nice firm talk with Susan because she is not far from a devastating illness and she knows it. I don't feel sorry for Susan. She, like so many others are just plain lazy when it comes to self care. There's only so much make-up, hair spray and cute clothes that will prop someone up with self esteem before the demise really sets in.

Are you like Susan? Do you have food addictions and excuses?

What will it take to finally treat yourself to that lean healthy body you deserve? Why are you holding yourself back? Denying yourself of reduced weight, smoother skin, shinier hair, longer nails and a robust immune system is allowing you to needlessly suffer yet another year of "failed attempts".

I had the pleasure of working with an Opthamologist on his nutrition the other day and I have to share that at 47, he told me I looked 40. Truly, this lifestyle has reversed my age. I'm not looking for bragging rights, I don't dress like a bimbo and he's not flirty so I truly appreciated his statement and took the compliment with great pride. I'm sharing because I owe it all to my diet.


When is the last time you were able to have such personal attention for free? You pay for a massage, a hair cut, the manicure and pedi. Take advantage of your free nutritionist for the whole package!

I'm here to help get you back into the driving seat and all you have to do is ask. Yep, there's a section just for you right here on the site and a select few have been utilizing the free advice with great success. Why not you?

Dry Breakfast Cereals

If you think breakfast cereal is healthy, read the process of production and you might just scratch it off your grocery list.

Dry breakfast cereals are produced by a process called extrusion. Cereal makers first create a slurry of the grains and then put them in a machine called an extruder. The grains are forced out of a little hole at high temperature and pressure. Depending on the shape of the hole, the grains are made into little o's, flakes, animal shapes, or shreds (as in Shredded Wheat or Triscuits), or they are puffed (as in puffed rice). A blade slices off each little flake or shape, which is then carried past a nozzle and sprayed with a coating of oxidized vegetable oil and sugar to seal off the cereal from the ravages of milk and to give it crunch. (One of the most aging foods of our food production history)

In his book Fighting the Food Giants, Paul Stitt has tells us that the extrusion process used for these cereals destroys most of the nutrients in the grains. It destroys the fatty acids; it even destroys the chemical vitamins that are added at the end. The amino acids are rendered very toxic by this process. The amino acid lysine, a crucial nutrient, is especially denatured by extrusion. This is how all the boxed cereals are made, even the ones sold in the health food stores. They are all made in the same way and mostly in the same factories. All dry cereals that come in boxes are extruded cereals. Remember, amino acids are the building blocks for your cells and if they are fractionated, your cells are not receiving the re-building blocks necessary.

The only advances made in the extrusion process are those that will cut cost regardless of how these will alter the nutrient content of the product. Cereals are a multi-billion dollar business, one that has created huge fortunes and caused major illness.

A professional find is a gem!

I had the greatest pleasure of discovering T.S. Wiley who has written two very important books I would like to share with you.

The first, Sex, Lies and Menopause and Lights Out-Sleep, Sugar and Survival. T.S. works with practitioners throughout the world with a protocol for adjusting your hormonal balance through BHRT, as well, herbal which is something I think we can all use whether you are a man or a woman. Manthropology is her next project so hold on guys, you aren't forgotten.

You can read more about T.S. at The Wiley Protocol and you can purchase her books through free healthy diet plans.

Speaking of sleep, are you getting your 8 hours? If not, you really should work on it. Your sleep is uber important to your weight loss success. This is the time in which the lymphatic system cleans house, human growth hormone is released and rest is obtained. If you're having a difficult time getting to sleep at night and barely able to lift your head off the pillow, you might just have elevated cortisol. Not sure how to determine your cortisol levels? Fortunately there is a new company that I trust that will not only provide you the test and the results but subsequent supplements to deal with your found condition. This is most certainly advancement in self advocacy care. Check out Get Your Health Tested

You might need to supplement with melatonin or a blend of herbs along with the melatonin. I do recommend the herbal blends if one is having a heck of a time getting to sleep. Melatonin comes in 1 and 5 gram dosages and takes approximately 6 weeks to build up in the system. It is a natural hormone that the body produces but with exhaustion, age and metabolic distress, our reserves become depleted. Melatonin production begins with sunset and is out of the system at sunrise. This, your circadian rhythm.

Do be sure your room is completely darkened including any small green or red lights and DO NOT sleep with wireless devices in the same room. This is disruptive to your sleep pattern even when your eyes are closed. The body picks up the light through the skin disrupting your sleep.

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to visit my sponsors as well as place any orders you might have for supplements, books, DVD's or anything that you might utilize through any one of my affiliate programs. This allows me to provide you with FREE quality content! Your orders including that of Amazon do not have to be nutrition related.

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Thank you for supporting Free Healthy Diet Plans. I look forward to a healthier life for everyone!

As Always,

In good health!



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