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I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year!

As we enter a new year, I would like to recap some of the top nutrition stories that captured my interest in 2010.

RDA for Vitamin D increased

While this is good news, the powers that be found it necessary to yet again cautiously recommend elevating D intake but only enough to prevent deficiency symptoms. We're experiencing rickets again so one would understand this increase however, a little too late for some and the recommended dosages, not enough. If you've not had your levels tested and you are not supplementing with Vitamin D3, Cholecalciferol, you are playing Russian Roulette with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and a host of other diseases. Like the thyroid, there is a receptor for vitamin d in each and every one of your trillions of cells. Be sure to visit my Vitamin D page for more information such as testing and dosing. More than 40% of the cancers can be avoided with this inexpensive little supplement.

Gum Health Predicts Cognitive Function:

You can now predict the cognitive function of any 70 year old by looking at the health of their gums. Was it inflammation elsewhere in their body that led to poor gum health? Was it inflammatory problems in the gums that led to poor brain health? The answer is likely both. And the message is don’t forget to floss and take all manner of steps to reduce inflammation over the course of your life. 30% of the gene signaling in your body is adversely activated by inflamed gums! Never ever forget, inflammation is the pre-curser to all disease. Have you had your C-Reactive Protein tested lately?

Saturated Fat Does Not Contribute To Heart Disease:

n July Swedish researchers were trying to prove that saturated fat from dairy was linked to a first heart attack. They examined 444 cases of a first heart attack and compared them to 555 matched controls, taken from a very large population database. Much to their surprise, they proved just the opposite. Especially in women, but also in men, the amount of dairy fat was inversely associated with the risk of a first heart attack.

A very large meta-analysis of 324 dairy studies showed that regular milk drinking reduced the chances of dying from illnesses such as coronary heart disease (CHD) and stroke by up to 15-20% - indicating that consuming fatty dairy products extends lifespan. Of course, with out study out of Duke University in 2009, we already knew this but with each new study, the anti-fat dogma is pushed farther and farther from our plates.

Is a high sugar content contributing to mental illness in America?

Early in the year researchers showed that an excessive desire for sweets was clearly linked to a family history of alcohol abuse and current depression symptoms. The problem is very clear in children and is likely establishing brain program that will lead to a lifetime of misery. This is because the higher the sugar intake the faster the dopamine release (reward circuitry in the brain). If a child’s taste is set so as to need excess sweet taste to be satisfied it indicates significant problems in the brain’s reward circuitry. This predicts all manner of mental health problems.

In December researchers stumbled on to an unexpected discovery when they manipulated animal diets with excess sugar so as to drive up serotonin levels. They thought they would cure bad mood and bad behavior – instead everything got worse and they even created mental illness in animals that previously had none.

An excessive sweet tooth is highly predictive of a malfunctioning brain. If you haven't read My Journey take a peek and you will understand why this particular study hits close to home for me!

The Impact of Friendly Flora on Human Health

Our digestive tracts contain more bacteria than cells that make up our entire body. This is a push and pull that has been going on since the beginning of human evolution. It turns out the relationship is incredibly complex and we are now just beginning to measure the back and forth communication between digestive contents and human health. The implications are profound. It is clear that maintaining a balance of friendly flora in your digestive tract is of the utmost importance. Shockingly, one or even two rounds of antibiotics can alter the balance of power into a hostile situation and set health on a downward spiral – leading directly to obesity and heart disease and contributing to cognitive impairment and insulin resistance.

This year it was proven that friendly flora:

  • Improves protein absorption.
  • Prevents intestinal damage.
  • Reduce the risk of premature delivery.
  • Prevent gestational diabetes.

The road to perfect health is paved with good intestines

What are your 2011 plans for success?

I would like to encourage everyone who has not made a plan for your 2011 nutrition goals to really analyze what you want to achieve this year. Once you've set a few goals, how will you turn these goals into habit?

  • Make your shopping list
  • Plan your weekly meals
  • Journal your food intake
  • Reduce your fast food intake
  • Find new and exciting recipes
  • Don't over think your food especially if you're busy

Remember, it only takes 21 days to establish habit, good or bad. While it's not necessarily a breeze after that, with each new day, you have a fresh start. Don't let one off plan meal derail all of your success!

As you have probably already learned by reading my website, nutrition is your foundation to superior health. With 1 and 3 people diagnosed with cancer these days, it is wise to make sure you are practicing superior nutrition at least 80% of the time. Your remainder 20% is best saved for parties, holidays and those times you just cannot control your own food choices. Like the fluids in your car, your nutrition dictates how well and how long your body runs.

When you start feeling like things are spiraling out of control, always remember that I am here and I am always available to give you that special nudge or recommendation that might make the difference between staying or returning to plan and diving head first into the cookie jar! Ask Misty is the best place to pose your questions as others find our experiences especially helpful.

Each month, I will be featuring a success story for your encouragement and enjoyment. You will find an excerpt under Inspiration with the remainder of the story on my blog.

This month I have featured CJ, a fun gal who has worked very hard to shed 249 lbs. without surgery! You can find her story here. Be sure to stop by CJ's blog and say hello. I have included the address in the success story.

Would you like to be featured as a success story? Success is not measured by just a "goal weight". It is measured by triumph, hard work and lessons along the way. No story or weight loss is too small or too large! Let me know if you would be interested!

Look for plenty of giveaways this year! Our first will begin in February with the book "Carbohydrates Can Kill" by Dr. Robert Su.
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Thank you for supporting Free Healthy Diet Plans. I look forward to a healthier 2011 for everyone!

As Always,

In good health!



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