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Happy fall everyone!

I'm a bit tardy in sending this newsletter out. If you get to know me a bit you know that I have big aspirations with very little time. I've been working at Whole Foods Market as a Healthy Eating Specialist which has been a lot of fun but has taken me away from my first love which is working on my website and sharing information with you!

At Whole Foods, I have a classroom and am fortunate enough to have the autonomy to guide customers as I (we) deem fit for their biochemical individuality. You may or may not have heard but the Health Starts Here program is primarily a plant based paradigm. I was excited to find that our lifestyles buyer at my particular store has brought in The Paleo Diet as well as Primal Body Primal Mind which provides the customer with comparisons and choice. Both books are near and dear to my heart and I can now recommend them with great confidence.

While I believe we all need plenty of antioxidants from phytonutrient dense foods, you know from reading my site as well as the numerous resources I have included, one size does not fit all nor is there any credible science that shows that healthy sustainably raised animal proteins cause disease. Quite to the contrary in fact as we can site so many who have gained elevated health from including animal proteins back into their diets. Lierre Keith, Author of The Vegetarian Myth: Food, Justice, and Sustainability as well as Denise Minger, Blogger at Raw Foods SOS are two of the most famous examples I can think of.

I share this with you because there is a new movie that has been based on T. Colin Campbell's The China Study. It's called Forks Over Knives and Denise Minger gives a practical and most fabulous review of this movie.

Bill Clinton, a new vegan disciple and victim of heart disease has been interviewed a great deal and I fear that this information will be both seen and espoused as gospel. This society has a very bad habit of fad dieting. We watch those morning television shows, buy the latest diet books and try to follow them to a T only to unravel and dive head first into more processed food than our bodies can process. I know because this was me. I jumped on every seemingly fabulous new health fad that came my way and found my final stop at whole, real foods.

We won't all agree about what makes us healthy but we can all agree about choosing those foods that make each of us feel good. While a steak dipped in butter might make me feel just right, an apple might do it for you. Use your gut literally and eat to feel well, not what someone tells you will be good for you.

That said, I'm recommending to anyone who sees me to purchase a glucose monitor. This is your true indicator of the effect that food is having on you. Our blood sugar tells us a great deal about how we are metabolizing our food and of course, some testing might even be in order if your goals aren't being met in what you believe to be a timely manner. Hormonal imbalances are direct blockers of weight loss and some might need a boost to manage these pesky little managers of weight control.

Hormone Testing and My Life

Speaking of testing and biting off more than I can chew, I have enrolled in Reed Davis' Functional Diagnostic Nutrition and look forward to offering you further services rather than referring you out. Those of you who have hired me for my coaching services know that I prefer to keep you in my own practice because we have formed a bond. You have given me trust and it breaks my heart to refer you out to another practitioner for further review which in some cases can cause confusion.

I have a spectacular practitioner that I work with who utilizes Weston Price principles but if I can see you through from beginning to end, I'm excited to do so.

Look for further services by the fall of 2012!

The Holiday Survival Guide

This will be the 11th year of celebrating the Holiday's as the "new me". The old Misty was a food addict. The holiday's represented fudge, cookies and constant eating from Thanksgiving through the New Year.

I gained at least 10 lbs. every holiday season and made a resolution each and every year to "lose weight".

How are you going to deal with the holiday season this year? Have you had that internal talk? Are you going to give yourself the next month and a half to dive in and clean yourself up on January 1st?

Maybe you're sticking to a nice healthy plan this year and if so, I applaud you. Change begins with self thought and reflection and none of us need to be glutenous. It's not healthy and it's disorganized, abusive behavior.

Some tips for your safe holiday eating guide:

  • Don't attend parties hungry. Have a nice cup of vegetable soup before you head out the door. This will keep your blood sugar stable making it easier to refuse the foods that increase blood sugar. Eating a bit of butter is helpful if you plan to have a couple of drinks. Butter protects the liver from toxins. (This will reduce the side effects the following day as well). While browsing the food table, look for olives, deviled eggs, cheeses, vegetables and dip. A nice chunk of brie cheese for example will do wonders for your appetite! That temporary taste bud tantalizing food always creates guilt the following day. Imagine waking the next morning with great pride in your ability to abstain.
  • Practice control at your place of employment when the goodies arrive. Be prepared with your own healthy treats and have some L-Glutamine handy to squelch sugar cravings. There have been experiments in offices where folks will find excuses to get up and walk by the desk of the person who displays the candy bowl.
  • Eating a hearty breakfast will manage your blood sugar through the day. It takes about 8 hours for fat to digest completely so this is a great natural appetite suppressant for you.
  • Remember, a holiday is not a month long vacation for your dietary choices. Holidays happen 2-3 days during this period yet we give ourselves carte blanch to turn it into 30-45 days of continuous grazing on junk food. As I consistently say, Get back on plan with the very next meal. If you decide that a chocolate martini, pumpkin pie and true bread stuffing is worth it, have fun! But again, repeat the above mantra. You don't have to white knuckle it through if you have the ability to monitor yourself and shift back to that place of conscious eating. In fact, I encourage it. We as a society need to learn some self control and there is no better time than now.
  • If you're in charge of holiday dinners, our old holiday traditions are admittedly fairly unhealthy. Too much sugar, too much wheat and not enough fresh foods are usually served during this season. Thanksgiving is supposed to reflect our "Bounty of Harvest" and I don't think marshmallows are included in this bounty. Squash of many types, Apples, Nuts and Pomegranates represent much of the fall harvest. Eating seasonally is one of the many solid diet tips I encourage so work within those parameters to serve a healthier holiday meal and think more gourmet than traditional.
  • I remember one year I handed out Digestive Enzymes at the Thanksgiving table and my Mother in Law was forever grateful as she indulged just a bit too much. If you suffer gastric distress, have your enzymes ready. They can make a world of difference in your comfort level.

It's a relief to have other issues for turning the leaf of new year change. While I finally maintained my diet resolution, I'm unorganized, a procrastinator, a day dreamer and have a bad habit of under utilizing my abilities.

My New Years Resolution this year is to become organized enough to begin my own podcast. It is my dream to have my own little show. I've enjoyed air time on my local radio station and have been a guest on other podcasts. I think I'm ready for my own and I look forward to including YOU! My friends and coleauges are doing a bang up job of bringing you the heavy hitters in nutrition whether it focus on holistic, low carb, paleo or self improvement, I want your story.

Stay tuned for the podcasting call!

Contests and Guests!

I have finally made the decision to have some branding done for my website and I'm hoping you're enjoying the clean new look. I'll be working even further to fine tune it and I'm looking for your help!

I'm looking for guest bloggers to help take this site to another level. If you feel like you can offer quality content that you believe will be helpful to others, send me a blog post with a link back to your blog or site and I'd love to run it. You need no credentials, no site and no experience. I'm looking for a diverse group of people to contribute from all back grounds. Just send me an e-mail through my contact button on the website. I have a large amount of visitors daily so this would be beneficial for all involved.

Some ideas include:

  • Before and After Inspiration
  • Situation and Circumstance Experience
  • Study or Story Commentary (your view or opinion)

    Through social media and blogs, I have seen so many fabulous recipes. I haven't had the time to develop anything new myself so I'm reaching out to you for help.

    I am giving away a $100 Amazon Gift Certificate for my recipe contest. The contest begins on December 1st and will last through December 15th. Just in time for Christmas gifts!

    The Rules

    • Submit your sugar free, gluten free recipe. Just look for the word "contest" in the nav bar and submit there

    • All recipes must adhere to the following specifications for entry:
    • Gluten Free
    • Sugar Free
    • No Artificial Sweeteners
    • (Erythritol, Xylitol, Stevia acceptable for Low Carbohydrate and Honey is acceptable for Paleo
    • No Vegetable Oils-Corn, Safflower, Sunflower, Soybean and Canola
    • No Soy
    • Photograph Required
    • Sourced Credit if not original

    Book Recommendation

    The newest book to hit the nutrition reading list is Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health. Dr. William Davis has done an exemplary job of describing the mysteries behind our newest epidemic, Wheat Intolerance.

    If you suffer from stomach ache, headache, diarrhea, constipation, joint pain, insulin resistance, diabetes, auto-immune disease, obesity, heart disease, etc., this book will answer a great deal of questions. Even if one chooses not to go grain free, going wheat free is improving the lives of so many. I promise, this is an eye opener and should be required reading for anyone in the medical or dietetic profession.

    Remember, Eat Well Feel Well

    I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to visit my sponsors as well as place any orders you might have for supplements, books, DVD's or anything that you might utilize through any one of my affiliate programs. If you make your holiday purchases through Amazon, I appreciate it if you utilize my store front. This allows me to provide you with FREE quality content! Your orders including that of Amazon do not have to be nutrition related.

    Spread the word of Free Healthy Diet Plans by forwarding this newsletter.

    Thank you for supporting Free Healthy Diet Plans. I look forward to a healthier life for everyone!

    As Always,

    In good health!



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