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Is your cod liver oil rancid?
August 23, 2015

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Is Your Cod Liver Oil Rancid?

Under the advisement of the Weston A. Price foundation, there is a supplement that has been used with great trust in the "real food" community for many years.

In the recommendations based on WAPF principles, words such as "traditional" "superior source and proper A to D ratios" "super food" etc. are used. Is this the case or have we all been lied to, stolen from and suffered degrading health rather than elevated due to a lack of integrity from the Green Pastures brand of Fermented Cod Liver Oils?

One of my favorite authors and nutritionists, Dr. Kaayla Daniel has taken the steps to independently test various bottles of this very expensive family super food and the results are not only shocking but disappointing. This report has left me feeling a bit sad that a company who has been held in such high regard would mis-lead a community that supports the small farmer, has great interest in the health and welfare of our families and prioritizes our food and supplement with the highest regard.

In the following report, Dr. Daniels has revealed through independent laboratory analysis that this oil is not only rancid but Cod might not even be involved in the process!

There have been, I'm sure, many downloads of this report and for those of you who trust me, I wanted to get this to your immediately. I'm having a bit of trouble downloading this on my second try so be patient. This is big news and has the potential to crash a server. Dr. Kaayla's Special Report

I will NOT be recommending this product to my clients any longer and will be watching closely to see if any refunds will be issued for your dollars spent on this product. I myself just purchased $200 worth for their back to school sale.

I spent several hours last evening looking for a replacement of this valuable super food because I don't like the taste of liver. No where is there a good substitute for Vitamin A in the retinol form like that of livers. This immune modulating vitamin is so sacred, so valuable because of its ability in prevention and repair of the human body on so many levels. It is often said that if we had more Vitamin A in the diet, we would have less infection, cancer and other chronic disease.

With that, I am proud to recommend the Rosarita brand of Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil. Extra Virgin is the gold standard in all oils so it would make sense that this classification would be included in the processing of this sacred food, the oil from the liver of the Cod, made in Norway.

Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil I Recommend

If you would like to consume more offal meat in your diet, I have a favorite beef stick that my whole family enjoys. It's a grass fed stick that incorporates 25% offal including liver, heart and kidney. Traditionally, so many cultures did and still do consume the whole animal for various nutrients not found when consuming a muscle meat dominant diet. Valuable nutrients and amino acids are missed causing imbalance when we leave out the connective tissue, bones and organs from our food supply.

I don't care for the taste of liver but these sticks are great.
Butter from grass fed/pastured dairy cows is also a fabulous source of Vitamin A so if you work on a varied diet, you can obtain the nutrients you need for not only the prevention of disease but for the eradication of such as well.

I want to thank you for reading and for those of you who have utilized my services, a very special thank you for your trust.

I've recently incorporated hair tissue mineral testing. This has allowed me to better guide you with balancing your biochemical individuality and digging a bit deeper into your health when diet doesn't complete your whole health puzzle. If your diet isn't elevating your health, you might consider a hair mineral test so that we may put all of your pieces together with greater chemical knowledge of you.

I normally charge $149 for this service but through September, I am offering a $50 discount reducing your test cost to only $99!

In health, Misty

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